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Ist Palarong Pilipino Championship

Akmeed Kuri Burocca is all suited up for his next fight while Tom Bisio and myself stand by after finishing our fight. In the background is Koga Ryu Ninjitsu Grandmaster Ron Duncan.

Introduction of Arnis to Detroit Police Department

In 1974 Grandmaster Leo Gaje and Guro Danny Dukalis gave a presentation on an innovative new program on police baton tactics.  In the picture are Mr. Benemerito, (President of the Filipino American Association), Grandmaster Leo Gaje, Danny Dukalis, Tony Ballarta, Detroit's finest and Numb John.

Ist Palarong Pilipino Championship, Philippine Embassy

The 1st Palarong Pilipino Championship in 1977 at the Philippine Embassy in New York City. In the early days Tom Bisio and myself were always trading blows and taking turns winning championships. (Notice the improvised catchers mask, baseball shin guards, chest protector, and baston with ink tip) It was an honor to have Bo Sayoc referee our competition. In the background is my training partner AK Burocca,Tuhon Chris Sayoc and Tuhon Bill McGrath .

DPS Defesive Tactics Instructors Conference

Offering annual DT conferences to law enforcement officers at the Texas Department of Public Safety Training Academy made for a great venue to exchange ideas, share tactics, stay current with legal issues and new technologies.

Recruit School Training

Lecturing and demonstrating commonality of movement principles to recruits during ASP training.

Fort Hood Training

Sgt. Kelvin Dews and myself assisted soldiers with training in Fort Hood.

Iraqi Commando Training

It is nice to see that our wave drill is being taught to Iraqi Commandos by one of my student and finding it beneficial. It is a drill that address multiple attackers, timing, and plyometric training.

DT Instructors Conference

The Wave Drill being used at our DT conference at the Texas DPS Training Academy to develop speed and coordination while addressing multiple attacker confrontations.

Whitehouse visit

It was a great honor to be invited to visit with President George W. Bush at the Oval Office. He was very warm and caring as he shared the history of the desk he was using and the history of other items in the office. He was using President Reagan's carpet until his is made for his office. He showed the design the First Lady, Laura Bush, has made.  He continued by showing the Rose Garden and pointed to his running track. The time he spend showing the Whitehouse to me and my family was very special. This picture was taken on June of 2001. How ironic that in three and a half months, September 11, 2001, things will change dramatically in the United States.

Vist with Philippine President

The Philippine government was one of the first countries that offered assistance to the United States  to combat terrorism after the attack on September 11, 2001. On November of 2001 President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was scheduled to meet with President Bush on issues on Terrorism. It was an honor to have assisted and acted as a liaison between United States and the Philippines. The picture was taken just prior  President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo met with President George W. Bush.

Lance Armstrong

This picture was taken after Lance won the 2002 Tour de France. I was asked to head up his security. I continued to be with him for three more years until he won his 7th Tour. I was able to see the very caring and human side of Lance as he met with people suffering with cancer between stages.

I consider the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) such a worthy non-proft organization fighting for those who are stricken with this illness. Please visit Lance's website and  consider donating to this worthwhile cause.  www.livestrong.org

Hurricane Ike

Down in the SOC assisting with Hurricane Ike recovery assistance. Pictured with me are DPS Director Stan Clark and Assistant Director Lamar Beckworth.

GrandMaster Ted Buot

I had the honor of being accepted as a student by Balintawak's Grandmaster Ted Buot. He was a tough man. I remembered learning control with the baston by striking at a light bulb and stopping just before I destroyed it. I loved the counter recounter drills.
I would like to express that success is not attained alone but on the backs of others. Grandmaster Buot was gracious in teaching me. He influenced me in many ways beyond Arnis.

Pre-deployment Training

Pre-deployment training for the United States Army