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Erwin Ballarta

Erwin Ballarta is a self-defense expert in Pekiti Tirsia Kali  and various martial diciplines. Ballarta has taught hand-to-hand combat and weapon tactics to the FBI, DEA,  the Texas Highway Patrol, and various military  personnel. Ballarta has been on the protective detail of George W. Bush and various celebrities. Ballarta was a Lieutenant with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), where he was the Recruit School Coordinator, In-service Coordinator, Specilized School Coordinator and Defensive Tactics Coordinator for the Training Academy. In addition he also offered and managed approximately 50 different law enforcement courses for police personnel in Texas.

He retired from the Texas D.P.S. at the end of August, 2008. Ballarta was the president of the Austin Filipino American Association and the Executive Director of the Texas Kali Association. He serves on the Board of the Texas Police Association and is the Chairman for the law enforcement advisory committee. He is a security consultant for private and commercial airline industry. He also consults for Military, Law Enforcement, and Security personnel on developing programs specific to their needs. He assisted in the development of an Advance Air Marshal Training Program and offer courses in close quarter empty hand/weapon tactics, advance firearms training, aircraft specific control and survival tactics, and Criminal Terrorist Behavior Recognition Program.


He has received numerous awards and recognition for:

·         Received Certificate and letter of commendation for Outstanding Performance of Duty from Major General Box for instructing the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Infrastructure Security Teams on arrest and control tactics. 2004

·         Instructed United States Army, Pre-deployment Training for Afghanistan. 2008

·         Instructed United States Marines on Control Tactics prior for their deployment to Iraq. 2004

·         Advisory Board Member for Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Training

·         Advisory Board Member for the Texas Police Association Curriculum and Training Committee.

·         Received the 2001 Wallace Beasley Association of Texas Law Enforcement Educator of the Year Award.

·         Served as Committee Chair Person for developing the Agency’s cultural diversity program, entitled Valuing Relationship.  The program focused on developing and teaching values, ethics, communication, conflict resolution and leadership. 

·         Facilitated special training program for Governor George Bush Presidential Campaign Protective Detail, which focused on defensive tactics and control skills.

·         Former Vice –president, adult Advisory Board for “ Drug Free Youth in Texas” in Midland. The program was successful in recruiting 9,000 children to participate in the West Texas program for “ DFYIT.”

·         Lieutenant Ballarta is a graduate of the 188th Session of the FBI National Academy

·         Recognition from the FBI for his contribution in the field of defensive tactics. 

·         Liaison between Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and President George W. Bush on mutual alliance to combat world terrorism. November 2001, Washington D.C.

·         Served as member of Governor George Bush’s Presidential Protective Detail during 1999-2000 campaign.

·         Received Texas Professional Achievement Award” from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.

·         Lieutenant Ballarta has been recognized by the Philippine National Police Director, General Lastimoso for fostering professional brotherhood and friendship between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Philippine National Police.  The Philippine National Police Force numbers 110,000

·         Managed security for Lance Armstrong for 4 years at the Tour de France.

First Palarong Pilipino Full Contact Championship, Philippine Embassy, NewYork, NewYork

                Texas Department of Public Safety, Recruit School Training on the principle of commonality of movement.