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Concealed Handgun License - Weapon Retention and Edged Weapon Defense

Posted by arnistx on October 30, 2009 at 2:30 PM

I want to thank Tracy and Kymberly Campbell with double Action CHL, ( http://doubleactionchl.com/defense.php) for hosting the program for the Houston group. The location of the course was Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range. The owners were gracious in allowing us to have the course at their facility.

 The curriculum began with a lecture on dynamics of attacks, understanding human performance, examples of actual attacks and how to defend against them. The course evaluated case incidents when officers are attacked and had to fight for their gun. For those that thought they were just going to sit and be passive... well this is not the class for you. A little lecture and plenty of hands on training.


The students participated and earned everything. Such a fun group with a positive attitude.... Loved the atmosphere in teaching skills that will increase the possibility of success.

See you in Houston again soon.


 Creating a barrier



Contolling the weapon



Creating barriers




 Creating a barrier and exercising options



 Defense against a grab                                                           Knife to knife tactics



Clearing a knife



Knife guiding drills



Khife guiding drills




Clear and control drills





Wave drill for multiple attacker scenarios




Toooo happy to fend off her husband.  

Control and stunning drills



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