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Handgun Retention/Disarming and Improvised Weapons

Posted by arnistx on October 7, 2009 at 3:27 PM


Newspaper headline reads, "New Orleans Female Police Officer Killed with Own Gun While Arresting Rape Suspect Monday, January 28,2008. A vagrant wanted for questioning in a rape overpowered a 24-year-old police officer who was trying to handcuff him, and then shot her to death with her own weapon Monday, police said."

Another headline reads, "Minnesota officer reportedly killed with own gun September 09, 2009. Veteran North St. Paul police officer Richard Crittenden apparently was shot dead with his own gun during a violent struggle with a man who lunged at his estranged wife and the slain officer with aburning towel or rag."

Approximately 40% of all officers who are assaulted or killed with handguns are attacked with their own firearms. Attempts to take an officer's weapon by a suspect are on the rise with the increase in assaults and violence perpetuated against law enforcement officers.

Tactical Kali and Tactical Arts Academy in conjunction with the Texas Police Association hosted a Weapon Retention/Disarming and Improvised Weaponry Class on October 4, 2009. It began with a lecture and analysis of cases when officers fight for their weapon and are disarmed. The dynamics of assaults were analyzed. During weapon retention confrontations many things come into play. In order to grow in this area of learning, the importance of mental preparedness, physical conditioning, research of holsters, weapon placement, physical tactics, update on legal issues, and assessment of law enforcement objectives where presented.

The class began with disengagement tactics, and empty-hand stunning tactics.  The course covered all angles of attacks from single to multiple attackers.  They learned to retain their firearm while standing, kneeling and on the ground. The participants practiced sensitivity drills to increase the effectiveness of control tactics to reaction drills to develop quick responses.

Leslie gave a wonderful presentation on improvised weaponry. He presented tactics you can use with a magazine, small flashlight and a t-shirt. Jason Cross with the Victoria PD and Chris Garcia with Victoria County Sheriff's Office were also gracious enough to assist and instructed on disengagement drills from the ground. 

I would like to thank the Texas Police Association and Tactical Arts Academy for co-hosting this program.  I would also like to thank all the participants who drove from many parts of Texas. Some came from Victoria, Corpus Christi,Houston, San Marcos, Abilene, Sweetwater, Beaumont, and Montgomery County to name a few.

Application of movement orientation, disengagement and control tactics

The use of leverage to increase the probability of success in firearm retention

The use of leverage for disarm

Movement disengagement drills

Leslie checking on students for proper application

The use of hacking and elbow tactics

Elbow stuns being practiced

Chris Garcia and Jason Cross demobstrate the importance of creating a barrier during

ground assault

The use of wrist and elbow leverage

Pin and spin drill

Leslie Buck looking on as participants practice the use of a T-shirt to control a

subject during improvised weaponry.

Leslie Buck demonstrate the use of a jacket to survive an attack during improvised


T-shirt against a punch

Disarming drills while kneeling

Use of a magazine for improvised weaponry


Use of a magazine for improvised weaponry


Use of a magazine for improvised weaponry


Leslie use of a magazine for improvised weaponry

Multiple attacker drill

Sensitivity  and controlling drill

The importance of barrier during a ground assault

Reaction drill

Sensitivity drill

Terrific hard working bunch of guys. Great job to all. See you again soon.

The Victoria Kali group envious of my new T-shirt design. Get your own and leave me alone!!!

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Reply Bob George
3:23 PM on October 13, 2009 
Sounds like an excellent seminar! Wish I'd have known! Take care!
Reply Chris I. Garcia
1:55 PM on October 21, 2009 
Greetings Guro Erwin. Just a quick hello and a check in to see how you're doing. It was great seeing you again at the Mastery Camp. Did you get my recent "e" on the Port A training? Keep in touch and we'll catch up w/you later.
Reply arnistx
1:44 AM on October 28, 2009 
Bob George says...
Sounds like an excellent seminar! Wish I'd have known! Take care!

Sorry brother. We missed you and hope to see you at the next one. Take Care
Reply arnistx
1:46 AM on October 28, 2009 
Chris I. Garcia says...
Greetings Guro Erwin. Just a quick hello and a check in to see how you're doing. It was great seeing you again at the Mastery Camp. Did you get my recent "e" on the Port A training? Keep in touch and we'll catch up w/you later.

How was your gathering? Please send me some pics. Love your group.
Reply MrBarns
1:10 AM on February 7, 2010 
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