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Criminal Justice Training Center in Seattle

Posted by arnistx on June 14, 2009 at 3:14 PM




May 7 and May 8 2009


I had a terrific time in Seattle at the Criminal Justice Training Center teaching on Development and Management of Defensive Tactics Program for the Defensive Tactics Instructor conference and re-certification.  Bob Bragg, a good friend, was a terrific host.  Bob is the Program Manager of Physical Fitness and Defensive Tactics Instructor at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center in Seattle Washington. He was instrumental in my growth and development in the area of Law Enforcement instruction. He is innovative and forward thinking often addressing methods to improve training.

There were approximately 64 participants, all instructors with varied skills and experience in Military, Law Enforcement and Corporate Security from Washington State, Northern California and Oregon.  My instruction  combined 4 hours of lecture on the Dynamics of Attacks, Human Performance, Reaction study and Management of Arrest and Control Tactics Program and  another 4 hours of hands on psycho-motor  skills drills. The wave drill was always popular addressing multiple attacker drills, movement orientation, and plyometric exercise.  Other topics covered were weapon disarming, weapon retention, baton tactics, empty-hand tactics and entry drills.  Great group of men and women.

I look forward to hosting our own conference in Texas soon. I look forward to inviting Bob Bragg from Seattle and another terrific instructor Marty Michaelman from Boston .

Checkout Bob's Bio at :     http://www.theppsc.org/Staff/Bragg/Bob.htm



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